How it all began

How it all began

Everything starts with one good idea…

For Hotheads, as innovators of the groundbreaking Tape-In Hair Extension method, it’s a concept that literally revolutionized the professional salon industry. Developed as a solution to original extension methods – known to be expensive, damaging, and hugely time-consuming – Hotheads premium, 100% Remy Human Hair extensions pioneered the concept of stunning transformations in under an hour. With innovative products, we changed the game for scores of stylists across the country – saving time, generating profit, and minimizing damage to clients’ hair.

But we don’t rest on our laurels. Here at Hotheads, we’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of hair extensions; always putting the most exciting new products and methods right into your hands.

Remarkably simple hair solutions

“At Hotheads, our mission “extends” way beyond hair. Bringing you 100% Remy Human Hair extensions, ethically sourced in Bangladesh, is just the starting point. Delivering those premier, salon professional products along with innovative education takes your Hotheads journey to an exciting new level.

Experience cutting-edge learning, online and in-person support, top-notch certifications, and the #HOTTIESQUAD community – resources designed to elevate your craft, increase your income, and rocket you to the stars.

At Hotheads, it’s not just about hair. It’s about bringing you the tools and the confidence you need so you can shine as a true extension specialist. “