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Tape-In Maintenance Guide

GUIDE TO TAPE-IN EXTENSION CARE AFTER APPLICATION Wait 24-48 hours before washing or chemically processing your hair. EVERY DAY 2-3 times per day gently brush hair from ends to roots...

Sew-In Weft

Sew-In Weft Maintenance Guide

 GUIDE TO SEW-IN EXTENSION CARE AFTER APPLICATION You can wash your hair the same day you install the extensions. EVERY DAY Gently brush your hair using the Hotheads® Boar...


Fusion Maintenance Guide

GUIDE TO FUSION CARE AFTER APPLICATION Wait 48 hours before washing or chemically processing your hair. Wait 48 hours before exercise or swimming. EVERY DAY Using a Hotheads® Extension Brush,...



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Placement Charts

Caramel Brunette Balayage

Tape-In Placement Chart

Blank Sew-In Weft Placement Chart

Hybrid Method Placement Chart - Adding volume

Hybrid Method Placement Chart - Blending shorter layers

Hybrid Method Placement Chart - Face framing

Hybrid Method Placement Chart - Adding length

Blank Placement Chart- Back View

Blank Placement Chart- Side View

Blank Placement Chart- Diagonal View

Blank Placement Chart- Top View

Chocolate Brunette Balayage

Warm Brunette Balayage

Cool Brunette Balayage

Bronde Balayage

Buttery Blonde Balayage

Cool Blonde Balayage